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What's New in 3.4.1?
Convenient access.
1080p Quality.
Our mission is to make available all hentai, 3D and ero-animation ever created. Access one of the largest hentai video collection online or on-the-go, streaming in 1080p, curated and personalized to your tastes. Free.


Built on native platforms for maximum possible speeds. No more slow downs from the browser.

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Built for modern users, we designed our app with phones and tablets in mind for the best possible experience.


Discrete app name. No browser history, no cookie, no tracking. Lock out app and PIN features.

Offline Ready

Ready to use in any internet connectivity. Download videos to your device for viewing on-the-go.

Fully Compatible

Works with 99.9% of all Android devices. We support Android platform versions as old as 4.1 Jelly Bean.


Our app is fully ad-supported, so all content is free. Just sign up for a free account and you are ready to log in.

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