Website Changelogs

  1. Added the ability to upgrade account to Premium using coins in the Account > Subscription page. Note that this is just preliminary work for our full blown subscriptions system since there is no way to earn coins except through the mobile app.
  1. Add multi-language alternate names for all videos
  2. Search is now able to search videos using any language
  1. Add indicators for filtering options to potentially help those confused about search results
  2. Changed search engine being used on primary website
  1. Added channel links to community contributors in Browse -> Images page.
  1. Added Discord account integration into the site. Once integrated, Discord uploads go directly to your channel.
  1. Merge all usernames uniformly to look like Discord format
  2. Channel banner images now span edge to edge even on very high resolution screens
  1. Community uploaded images are better displayed using their natural image ratios now instead of all being squares
  2. Fixed problem with your avatar not showing up immediately when replying to a comment
  3. Fixed crash bug that occurs if you enter and leave the video page too fast
  1. Fixed problem with members seeing a blank white screen when trying to subscribe for premium in our mobile app
  2. Added more paid positions for hire in our team page
  1. Minor visual fixes to Search page
  2. Fixed a major login bug that prevented people who have reset their passwords from logging into the mobile app
  1. Image preferences are now saved to your account
  2. Implemented initial media stream of images and video clips sourced from our community.
  1. Fixed race condition that prevented comments from loading sometimes
  2. Fixed problem involving playlist image sometimes taking on banner's image instead.
  3. Added the ability to reply to people using Contact Us form even when they dont supply a response email
  4. Fixed crash bug when commenting under specific conditions
  5. Pushed staging website to main site
  1. Added slightly more obvious link to the old website for those that have potato phones or don't like change
  2. Ads in the area around video player are now removed when video is played
  3. Improved middle mouse click support on some links
  1. Fixed playlist panel not loading the Show More button
  2. Add the ability to customize your own playlist cover thumbnails. You can do this in the Customize Channel page, under the Playlists listing.
  1. Completed the layout for the Join Our Team page. Posted two initial positions for our team. More will come eventually.
  2. Fixed a bug that was forcing every new member's name to be all lowercase. You can rename yourselves now
  3. Removed the initial delay preventing user comment from being posted
  1. Added ability to edit and delete your comments on video pages
  2. Added the ability to post images inside comments by pasting in image URLs
  1. Fixed error with "Load More Comments" button being shown and it shouldnt sometimes
  2. Re-enabled the volume controls slider and button inside the video player for phones and tablets, for those that want that finer level of volume controls
  3. Fix graphical issues with user comments on phones with extremely small view screens
  4. Prevent accidentally going to next video when you touch/click on the next video button even though the video controls are not visible
  5. Fixed Search page problem where it stopped working if you revisit the page multiple times.
  6. We are focusing on community and social features for this website. As such, today's update is the initial release of commenting on videos; and a subtle link to our new Discord.
  1. When someone marks a playlist as private just as you are about to view it, there will now be a warning message saying playlist is private in the video page
  2. Show each playlist's view count in the channel page
  3. Display views and avatar icon for playlist when playing a playlist in video page
  4. Fixed bug that was preventing people's playlists' views counter from incrementing most of the time
  5. All members that have not decided to use a custom avatar image are now assigned a random icon from our collection
  6. Moved avatar icon on top of shadow above the banner image in channel page
  1. Contact Us form should no longer cry about invalid email when the optional email field is blank
  2. Tapping on open region above video player's control bar will now toggle play/pause video as expected
  3. Removed the volume changing when middle mouse scrolling on video player
  4. Fix navigating pages problems when Browsing a specific brand
  5. Improved breadcrumbs navigational items when in Browse pages
  6. Safari on Mac OSX should now be seeing the proper ads instead of nothing
  7. Fixed search results not returning the new videos uploaded to the site
  8. Fix scrollbar graphical glitches
  9. Similar playlists to the video being watched are now visible in the video page
  10. Optimized video page to load faster when playing playlists that are huge (200+ videos)
  1. Added link w/ copy-to-clipboard ability into channel page so you can get the public link to your channel easier
  2. Fixed errors with input text validation when editing your channel
  3. Fixed display bugs with channel description, location, website url, etc in channel page
  1. Added view options in the playlist page. You can switch from lists, to cards, to icons
  2. Added sorting options to the playlist page
  3. Added keyboard controls to video player. Keys are:
    • Space bar toggles play/pause.
    • Right and Left Arrow keys seek the video forwards and back. Hold down arrow to continually seek.
    • Up and Down Arrow keys increase and decrease the volume.
    • M key toggles mute/unmute.
    • F key toggles fullscreen off and on. (Does not work in Internet Explorer, it seems to be a limitation where scripts cannot request fullscreen without a mouse click)
    • Double-clicking with the mouse toggles fullscreen off and on.
    • Number keys from 0-9 skip to a percentage of the video. 0 is 0% and 9 is 90%.
  4. Backend fixes to better help members geographically located in Southeast Asia.
  5. (Hopefully) Fix visual clipping problems with showing items for "More videos from series" in video page.
  1. Massive rework of the entire website.
  2. Accounts management
  3. Custom channels for members
  4. Playlists, and the ability to share them
  5. Favorites are now called Likes. And you can dislike a video; not just stay neutral.
  6. Tons of copy written for legalese documentation.
  7. Browse pages. Random, Trending, browse by brands or tags, etc.
  8. Redesigned video page to facilitate new features.
  9. And tons more!

Mobile App Changelogs