Website Changelogs

  1. Added the ability to Unlink from Discord in your Channel page.
  2. Fixed the ability to toggle pause/play when tapping in the large middle area of the video player when using phones/tablets.
  1. Fixed problem with applying Brands/Studios in search page for mobile users.
  2. Fixed minor problem with Browsing Tags/Brands sort persisting.
  1. Added sorting options when Browsing Tags and Brands.
  2. When changing sort or page when browsing, screen will now autoscroll to the top.
  1. Fixed Ramuh video servers so they load and play faster.
  1. Fixed a bug that made playlist panel being stuck in loading.
  1. Your preferred video server and resolution are now automatically saved and loaded when visiting a video page.
  2. Volume and mute status is now automatically saved and loaded.
  3. Disabled the mobile lite website until a later time.
  1. When viewing a playlist in the video page, there is now an icon link that will take you to that specific playlist page.
  2. Replaced custom scrollbars with a slimmer custom scrollbar.
  1. Fixed profile picture image uploads in the Customize Channel page.
  1. Updated many 3rd party libraries. Site should load a little faster.
  2. Removed unnecessary video libraries.
  3. Implemented caching for guest vistors. The site should load significantly faster.
  4. Many internal changes to our tooling and site building infrastructure.
  5. Reduced javascript codebase size. Site is getting too heavy and needed cleaning.
  1. You can now toggle fullscreen for the video player by double clicking in the video region.
  1. Fixed caching display errors for vistors who are not logged in.
  2. Logging out will now properly delete session cookie.
  3. Fixed rendering and layout problems for iOS 9 and below, and assorted ancient Android browsers.
  1. Transferred web servers. Likely chance of many features breaking as a result.
  2. Fixed bug with uploaded images not saving.
  3. Fixed bug with Disliked videos showing up in Liked videos playlist.

Mobile App Changelogs