Website Changelogs

  1. Added Premium page to highlight and explain the benefits of having Premium benefits for our members.
  1. Playlist cover GIF images are now restricted to premium members only.
  1. Made the video settings menu be visible during full screen mode.
  2. Added the ability to maximize the video player via a new "Maximize" button in the video player's control bar.
  3. Moved tags to be above the video summary / description in video page.
  4. Added Reverse Default sorting in playlist pages.
  1. Fixed minor UI problems in Apps page for 2k+ resolution desktop screens.
  2. Various minor UI fixes.
  1. Allows changing site theme color back to default if your Premium status lapses.
  1. Moved the Video Quality and Video Server selection button into the video player's control bars to match with Youtube.
  2. Added video playback speed controls to video player.
  1. Re-enabled thumbnail previews while scrubbing the video timeline.
  1. Video server / resolution picker window now correctly applies varying theme colors according to user preference.
  1. Fixed channel text displays for Channel pages on mobile devices.
  2. Enabled the ability to change your channel URLs for Premium members.
  3. Added the ability to change the website's theme colors for Premium members.
  1. Premium members may now change their user tag's number in the Account page, just as the mobile app.
  1. Re-added the Play Next Video icon in the video player.
  1. In Search page, moved Sort button to the right side of screen.
  2. Community Uploaded Images page now uses a URL-base pagination system so your browser may keep better track of page history and the back button.
  3. Added a way to jump to any arbitrary page in the Community Uploaded Images page.
  4. Fixed video playback problems for Hackintosh OSX 10.x.x and below, and Safari in incognito mode for iOS 9, iOS 10, and jailbroken iOS devices.
  1. Redesigned Video page. The new maximum width for that page is now 1754px.
  2. Fixed autoplay / playback problems on some Mac OSX & iOS devices, as well as Firefox on Mac OSX.
  3. Fixed Brands Upload counter in video page.
  4. Fixed sorting button dropdown menu not working in Firefox, in Tag/Brand pages.
  1. The Random page now uses a random seed in its URL to generate the list of random videos. When navigating away from the page, you can now go back to the same random list.
  2. Guest users trying to download 1080p video will now be shown the Sign In button instead of being booted to Home page.
  3. iOS / Mac OSX fix for scrolling through the playlist in video page.
  4. Fix the home page's carousel left/right navigation buttons when iPhone / iPad users explicitly request Desktop Site.
  5. Moved thumbnail preview calculations from server to client side in video page.
  6. Alternate title indicator will not render if a video only has one official title.
  1. Changed video player host to reduce initial site load time.
  2. Performed monthly maintenance on Ifrit, Leviathan, Phantom, and Ramuh video servers. This might have led to a temporary decrease performance or unavailability today.
  1. Added the ability to Unlink from Discord in your Channel page.
  2. Fixed the ability to toggle pause/play when tapping in the large middle area of the video player when using phones/tablets.
  1. Fixed problem with applying Brands/Studios in search page for mobile users.
  2. Fixed minor problem with Browsing Tags/Brands sort persisting.
  1. Added sorting options when Browsing Tags and Brands.
  2. When changing sort or page when browsing, screen will now autoscroll to the top.
  1. Fixed Ramuh video servers so they load and play faster.
  1. Fixed a bug that made playlist panel being stuck in loading.

Mobile App Changelogs

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