Website Changelogs

  1. Fixed bug that prevented flagging user comments.
  2. Added administrative functions to control user comments.
  3. Renamed My Account links to Settings.
  1. Added support for upgrading membership accounts to Premium status via: Cryptocurrency, Paypal, Debit/Credit cards.
  2. Added the ability to Cancel a Premium membership subscription.
  1. Added support for multiple different types of video stream technologies and video servers. We will be able to start rolling out much faster video streaming and backup servers in case the default video server group (named Ifrit) are suboptimal for your geographical area (aka: Asia).
  2. Added a Video Server selector button in the video pages to allow selecting different servers, mirrors, streaming tech, and resolutions.
  3. The pause/play functionality when tapping on the video area is now 100% less annoying.
  4. In the non-existent cases when no video streams are available when you visit a video page, there will be a default video indicating the reason for lack of video playback.
  5. Legacy and counterfeit Android devices version 4.x will now always default to native video player and progressive mp4 video playback, since they cannot play the newer and faster adaptive video streams.
  1. Fixed bug that prevented updating account information due to backend changes from the release of the new mobile app version.
  1. Improved UI for comments area.
  2. The first comment in the comments section will now be highlighted visually.
  1. Added the ability to upgrade account to Premium using coins in the Account > Subscription page. Note that this is just preliminary work for our full blown subscriptions system since there is no way to earn coins except through the mobile app.
  1. Add multi-language alternate names for all videos
  2. Search is now able to search videos using any language
  1. Add indicators for filtering options to potentially help those confused about search results
  2. Changed search engine being used on primary website
  1. Added channel links to community contributors in Browse -> Images page.
  1. Added Discord account integration into the site. Once integrated, Discord uploads go directly to your channel.

Mobile App Changelogs